Shola obtains his PhD in Engineering (Energy and Environment)

Shola Oniosun is a technologist within our residential studio. He has been attending a part time PhD course at Cardiff University focussing on Geo-environmental Engineering (GRC). After 7 years of study, Shola was informed yesterday that he has successfully passed and is looking forward to his graduation ceremony in July.

Huge congratulations Shola from all at Powell Dobson.

His dissertation focussed on Phytone mediation of LNAPLs and Residual Oils in the Vadose zone and capillary fringe. The research is informed by the fact that 24 billion tonnes of fertile or 12 million hectares of topsoil are lost every year to contamination. With greater consequences on food production, human and ecosystem health. Phytoremediation is a technique for cleaning up a wide range of environmental contaminants, a technique by which plant root exudates clean up or contain contaminants in the environment. The remedial outcomes reduce the number of hazards to human and ecosystem health by improving soil properties by the addition of oxygen and nutrients to the soil by the plants. The method has been shown to be cost effective and sustainable remediation strategy. Exploitation of new economic opportunities such as the production of bioenergy, biochar, and biofortified crops are the additional benefits of phytoremediation.