Windsor Road


This project consists of a four storey, 21 luxury apartment development with associated parking on a former garage/ service centre. The site sits within the town centre of the popular seaside town of Penarth.

We gave careful consideration  to the context, with the site being close to the conservation area, predominantly residential, with buildings typically formed by two storey Victorian terraces. Integration into the existing street-scape was a key consideration through the design development and our proposal successfully combines a contemporary solution whose scale and proportions respect the more traditional context.

  • Client Xtreme Developments
  • Completed Current (on Site)
  • Budget £3.5m approx

The scheme is massed along Windsor Road and Railway Terrace to create street frontages and prominent elevations.

The mass is reduced at the rear and eastern boundaries in order to lessen the impact on neighbouring properties, for example stepped terracing is introduced at the rear. Also, the rear units are splayed on plan to align with the gap or viewing corridor gap in Railway Terrace.

A principle concept is the entrance courtyard which provides high-quality amenity space and acts as a buffer to the busy urban street that the development sits on.

The top storey is set back from main frontages in order to reduce the apparent mass of the building when viewed from the street.


The elevations are designed to respond to the site, street context, massing concept and the layout of the building. A contemporary style of architecture is proposed of high class materials to an appropriate scale and proportion. Brick façades host a controlled
range of window sizes, in a similar way to the local vernacular and are generally full height to achieve good daylight levels in room and be contemporary in appearance.