The Poplars


This semi-rural site is located within the Greater North West Zone of Swansea, on land to the south of the small settlement of Pontlliw. The site is heavily wooded, and contains 3 existing 19th century structures: a grade II listed manor house ‘The Poplars’ in an alpine chalet style with associated walled garden, a separately grade II listed stable block, and a derelict and partially collapsed lodge/gatehouse.

 We were appointed architects by the property developer to prepare a proposal to gain planning consent for up to 12 new homes within the grounds of the existing building and for the conversion and restoration of the listed building.

The submitted scheme proposes the restoration and subdivision of the existing grade II listed manor house into 2 four-bedroom dwellings, and the conversion of the grade II listed stable block into 1 three-bedroom dwelling; respecting their listed status and securing a future for both currently derelict properties. It also proposes the addition of 9 new build two storey detached houses: 8 four-bedroom houses arrayed around the existing manor house and 1 three-bedroom unit on the site of the collapsed lodge building adjacent to the access from Swansea Road. This is a total of 12 proposed dwellings across the site, along with high quality public open space and sensitive landscaping, on-site parking, highways, and sustainable drainage infrastructure.

Key Design Principles are:

  • Restore and subdivide ‘The Poplars’ into two dwellings and convert the stable block into a dwelling
  • Construct 9 new build detached dwellings, nestled principally in a linear arrangement along the low gradient region to the west of the manor house. This sets them slightly down and away from the house and other surrounding properties but elevates them enough to provide views out to the south-west
  • Retain and reuse existing footprint of garage and lodge building for new structures
  • Retain as many existing trees as possible across the site; especially those with a Cat. A or B classification
  • Sensitive opening up of existing walled garden boundary to form new access and subdivide garden amenity. Apply a shared surface treatment to reference previous walled garden extents and de-mark entrance to site
  • Minimise extent and impact of new primary street on heritage setting by transitioning to secondary shared surface private drives to access properties further away from entrance to site
  • Provide adequate off -street parking using a variety of a small private drives and garages (single, double and integrated dependant on house type) to prevent congestion on existing nearby residential streets
  • Provide a new pedestrian stepped footpath through middle of site to provide direct public access to development and along the vista of The Poplars
  • Consideration of character and materiality of new dwellings to respect the historic setting of the existing manor house