Oliver Henshall winner of the Chartered Architectural Technologist Award

On Friday 13th September the AT Awards were held in London and we are delighted to announce our colleague Oliver Henshall won the award for Chartered Architectural Technologist. Oliver is a driving force for development and growth amongst his peers, whilst paving the way for others to follow. He has climbed the hierarchy in Powell Dobson to become a Technical Associate before the age of 30.

His character fits into a variety of moulds. On one hand, he is fiercely ambitious, proven by his fast progression in Powell Dobson. Hard work, dedication and an ability to self-assess his most recent experiences and interactions mean he is able to grow and develop to adapt to new situations and challenges. A good understanding of empathy and the ability to read a room also provide him with the fundamental core competencies critical to building successful relationships that so often are missing in young professionals today.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Oli and look forward to building on this success.