Mental Health First Aider

Mental health surveys indicate 1 in 4 adults in Wales experience mental health problems in a year, which leads to 57% working days lost due to stress/ depression or anxiety as recorded in 2017 – 2018 and potentially leads to long term disability. These figures highlight the importance of recognising and treating any symptoms early and sympathetically plus provide support and promote good wellbeing.

So with the success of Mental Health Awareness week earlier this year and as a responsible employer, Powell Dobson identified mental health as an important issue for the wellbeing of its employees and to provide the necessary support and time to assist any person suffering from any wellbeing issues.

To support this important issue, Chris Veale, one of our Associates, attended a mental health first aider training course organised by St. Johns Ambulance. The 2 day intensive course covered a wide range of mental health issues.

We are committed to our employees mental and physical health. Wellbeing at work is essential because staff with good mental health are more likely to perform well, have good attendance levels and be engaged in their work. With this in mind, Chris Veale is now our Mental Health First Aider and is available to provide support, advice and information on organisations who are better equipped and experienced with mental health problems.

Powell Dobson want to create and support an environment where employees can be healtheir through providing information and access to tools including techniques to improve wellbeing.