Set in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Bluestone resort comprises a 500,000 sq ft holiday village, 120 units of lodge accommodation, 30 cottages and 30 studio flats and leisure facilities which include sports world, water world, restaurants and entertainment facilities.  Situated in the heart of the development, the village provides holiday accommodation along with a wide range of facilities including a village pub, market, delicatessen, visitor centre and a health spa.  
We used Glulam for one of the most adventurous timber projects in the UK.  A giant upturned Welsh fishing coracle was designed which is the superstructure of Waterworld at Bluestone.  The building measures 45m wide and between 60m and 70m long. It features a reception area and outside seating, which extends the building’s length to almost 100m. The main body of the water park consists of a skeleton of 20 Glulam ribs covered in an outer skin of cedar shingles.
Visitors to Bluestone looking for relaxation or activity will be able to enjoy a holiday created perfectly for them.  The stunning location, wide range of outdoor pursuits and generous facilities mean a huge variety of holiday options will be available for everyone.