The primary land use at Cheswick, Filton is residential - a balanced mix of dwelling types and tenures from 1-bed apartments to 5-bed houses to ensure the creation of a socially diverse neighbourhood.
The residential strategy proposed at least 1,250 units over approximately 22.5 hectares which averaged approximately 55-56 units per hectare. The detailed design was based on a perimeter block structure to give maximum frontage to streets and to ensure high density coverage across the site.
The proposal lowered the density in the areas closest to the existing ancient woodland adjacent to the south-eastern boundary of the site, thus reflecting the more rural feel. The highest density across the site was located in the neighbourhood centre/high street. This provides the community focus to the development at the heart of the site.
There were 7 phases in place for the development of the site, with each of the residential development blocks "hung off’ the tree-lined primary avenue. This allowed each phase to be created as a ‘place’ as it was developed.