This development is located in a prime residential and conservation area opposite Battersea Park. The scheme comprises 109 accessible apartments together with a floor of 30 nursing care suites offering step-up levels of care all with access to a wide range of shared facilities and amenities. The apartments are designed to Lifetime Homes principles and the project has achieved Secured by Design Accreditation.

Further community facilities are located along the main corridor and include areas such as a library, TV room, games room, a generous treatment clinic, a hairdresser, crafts workshop, as well as a gym and a pool.

View of and access onto the terrace or into the landscaped courtyard garden is achieved through the lounge or library and provides a more private external seating area during the warmer months of the year.

 The building’s suitability for wheelchair users and the visually impaired, as well as for people with other physical disability, forms an integral part to the retirement concept. Old age may be the trigger for a range of disabilities, but it is the intention of the design to anticipate and design out any potential problem areas.

The building also has a number of energy efficient design features and renewable energy measures. These include passive design features to reduce energy consumption, optimized glazing design to improve daylighting and reduce overheating, along with utilizing thermal mass to improve use of natural ventilation. Active measures will also be incorporated from mixed mode ventilation/cooling with heat recovery, low energy lighting to apartments and high efficiency lighting to public areas. Multiple ‘green’ sedum roofs have been incorporated to create beautiful views from the upper floors. Together these measures are predicted to reduce total carbon dioxide emissions from the whole development by approximately 21%.