The proposal emerges from a responsible approach to Swansea City living, bringing density, quality and sustainability to its core. It includes alterations and extension to the Former Woolworths Building and a new 13 storey building. The mix comprises of prime site Retail space, A3 facing onto a new city square inside the urban block, Grade A Commercial Office space and 50 Residential units. It creates a new public Event Space, facilitates new urban links and provides Green Roof Amenity and an Urban Farm based on Aquaponics system. The Project has design synergy with the adjoining development proposals for 71-72 by the City & County of Swansea City Deal project.
The project has been designed following the principles of Biophilia aiming to restore people’s connection to the natural world, improving environmental, human and economic health. Biophilic living means re-thinking how humans living in an urban environment can improve their relationship with nature. For residents it means a more conscious understanding of concept of dwelling: use of alternative energy sources, incorporation of smart devices, promotion of community experiences and engagement through the mix of uses, facilitation of communal spaces at rooftops and greenhouses, provision of balconies with greenery and visual links to Swansea Bay, etc.
On the other hand, the project aspires to create a “Place” to inspire both the building’s residents and the surrounding community. The new Event Space is for public facing functions on the ground floor which then spill out in to the ‘yard’ with activities and large events (street market, concerts, cinema projection, etc.). 
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