Swansea University's Bay Campus opened in September 2015 representing over £450m of investment over two phases, and is one of the largest knowledge economic projects in Europe.

At the heart of the new Bay Campus is the Great Hall. This £32m facility was designed by Porphyrious Architects, with Powell Dobson Architects in the role of the project designers for the fit-out of the building and design of the first floor space. This area includes the new 700 seater auditorium, cafe and bar with a balcony with unrestricted vistas over Swansea Bay.

The Great Hall has near perfect acoustic qualities in its main auditorium and provides a space for a re-imagined cultural arts and concert venue for both the University and the wider community.  It has been envisioned as a multi-purpose space that will fulfill a number of roles:

  • Cultural programme of professional music performances, public lecture, small exhibitions, archives and research projects and musical performance of different genres.
  • Setting for major University events such as graduation ceremonies and Student Ball
  • Community arts and cultural events and festivals
  • Major international conferencing venue
  • Major venue for community and schools outreach

The design of the auditorium space allows for total flexibility. The stage is designed to accommodate the creation of different layouts depending on the requirement, and it hosues the grand piano platform lift. The room also has both retractable and removable seating with a maximum capacity of 700, and can be divided into two spaces to service smaller conferences or wedding ceremonies/reception events.

The mezzanine level provides technical accommodation including a control and projection room.