Summer Interns and Part 1 Students return to University

Oct 2022

This Summer we had a number of Part 1 Architectural Assistants join the practice, they have been invaluable members of the team and wish them well returning back to University to study for their Part II qualifications. 

Thomas Pooler, who joined our London studio returned to University in early September and Simon Hughes who joined our Cardiff studio left earlier to enjoy some holiday time before returning to his studies.

Alongside the Part 1 students, we also had a number of interns that joined us for the summer months. Sava Kockorapov, Rebekha Schreiter and Charlie Grazebrook joined our Cardiff studio and have since returned to Welsh School of Architecture and UWE.  Josh Kalia joined our London studio and has since returned to university.

We wish all our interns and part 1's every success in the year in university and hopefully will see you back in the studio again soon.

Before they left we asked a few of them some of the following questions and here are their responses:

Sava Kockorapov

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am going into my third year in the Welsh School of Architecture this autumn. I enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with friends.

Why did you choose to come to PDA for your summer internship?

I chose PDA because I am interested in sustainable architecture and PassivHaus projects. I wanted to improve my skills in the field, so I applied to PDA as we shared the same values in architecture.

What projects have you worked on while with PDA?

I have been working on the concept design for a leisure resort in Wales. A massive project that includes many different types of buildings.

What have you enjoyed the most in your time with us?

I have enjoyed absolutely everything. Especially the summer drinks with colleagues and the puzzle that we were doing during lunch break. I also really like modelling on SketchUp.

What are the key things you have learned?

I learnt a lot about how design works, how a practice functions, how projects are developed and some software tips and tricks that were game changers and made me model on SketchUp and draw on AutoCad even faster. I also learnt the importance to the impact of materials chosen for buildings.

What are your ambitions for the future?

So far, I really enjoyed assisting the architects with the design that they develop, as I learnt a lot from it. However, when I feel confident enough to create my own design, I will create architecture based on emotions, experience and memories. I will try to use natural features in my favour. At the end of my studies, should I settle in the UK, I would definitely like to return to PDA, as it was very inspiring and I believe that there are not many other places where the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.